What is Impact Week?

A week in September dedicated to celebrating Impact Startups and giving them the attention they deserve! It will be full of sessions, performances and unique events to inspire and create excitement around impact entrepreneurs that are solving societal and environmental challenges

What is Norrsken Award?

The biggest prize for impact startups in the Nordics! There are two prize categories, the grand prize with three winners chosen by the jury and the People’s Choice Award with one winner determined by your votes.

What is an impact startup?

A startup where entrepreneurs work to make the world a better place by solving some of society’s biggest challenges, such as famine, food waste, poverty or discrimination.

How did you select #theimpact100?

We looked at all the nordic startups we could find and ranked them based on impact potential, user experience and product design, scalability and the founders/entrepreneurs.

What is Norrsken?

An ecosystem consisting of Norrsken House, a coworking space for over 350 impact entrepreneurs in Stockholm and our seed fund Norrsken Founders Fund. We want to create a world that is optimized for both people and planet and firmly believe that entrepreneurs building rapidly scalable businesses are the best bet to solve some of the problems facing our world

How can I help out?

By spreading the word, nominating awesome startups, voting on the company you love, encouraging your friends, enemies, cousins, sons, daughters, grandparents and pets to vote – or if you are a company becoming a partner. (We were joking about the pets. Pets are not allowed to vote, unless they are unicorns, because voting unicorns would be cool.)

My company is interested in becoming a partner, how do I get in touch?

Exciting! We’re only a drop in the ocean alone, together we can accomplish much more. Shoot us an email here and we’ll get in touch.

When will the Norrsken Impact Week & Award take place?

September 16-19th, make sure to sign up to stay in touch because you don’t want to miss it!

How do I attend Norrsken Impact Week?

Impact week will be full with sessions, performances and unique events. Some will be open to the public, some are invite only and others you just have to know about… More information will come soon!

How can my startup participate in the Norrsken Awards?

Nominations for the Norrsken Award 2019 has closed.

But don’t be sad, you will get a new chance next year! In the meantime, make sure to vote for your favorite and get involved during impact week.

Who can be nominated?

Nominated startups should meet the following criteria:

What will happen now?

The website is now open for public voting on the extended list. During Impact Week a jury will choose three winners from the finalists that will win support from the world’s leading advisers McKinsey & Co, Brunswick Group and Mannheimer Swartling.

Your vote will determine who wins the People’s Choice Award 2019 where the prize is a one year free membership at Norrsken House, access to rocket fuel partners, a chance to pitch for the investment team and 10h coaching from the Norrsken team.

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