Nominate an inspiring nordic start-up for The Norrsken Award!

Nominated startups should meet the following criteria:

  • Positive impact: Core business has a net positive effect on people and/or planet
  • Exceptional entrepreneur(s): Ability to execute & passionate about solving problem(s) targeted by core business
  • Product/Market fit: Exceptional product/service providing a new solution with an outstanding user experience, a proven proof of concept in desired market with indications of a current customer base and willingness to pay
  • Scalability: Low cost to acquire new customers, possible to achieve economies of scale with reduced cost per customer for each additional customer
  • Financially sustainable over time: e.g., not dependent on one-off grants or founder donations
  • <10 years: Operations launched between 2009 – 2019
  • Nordic: Company based and operational in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Iceland
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